Cold Brew: Sweet and Strong Iced Coffee

by Rachel Rose I've been making home-made cold brew coffee since high school, starting right before cold brew was available at Starbucks and in the refrigerated section of every major grocery store. Almost every time I see cold brew at a coffee shop I get excited and try it out, but to my disappointment, most are very... Continue Reading →


Dad’s Cookies and *Chocolate* Crème Cake

Finished cake in all of its glory. Our puppy going for the cake. He has his priorities right. I think the cake was a success! Dad gives the thumb of approval. I made my dad a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cookies and crème filling for his birthday (way back in February actually, I... Continue Reading →

Brown Sugar Coffee Syrup

If you love coffee as much as I do, and especially sweet coffee, you'll love making your own coffee syrup to add a sweet personal touch to your morning routine. Homemade coffee syrup works well in regular brewed coffee, lattes, iced coffee, or any way you prefer to get your coffee fix. I've been making... Continue Reading →

Abby’s Very Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday was my younger sister's birthday, and like all other family birthdays I insisted on making her birthday cake. At this point, I skip the "do you want me to.." and get right to asking what flavor. She asked for vanilla cake and icing with cookie dough filling, which made me excited because it reminded... Continue Reading →


This is my brand-new blog! It'll be a mix of baking and coffee-making, personal stories, and profiles of my favorite places. I should post something new every Thursday. My first "real" post will be up soon, about the cake I made for my sister's birthday. Here's hoping it will be as fun for you to read... Continue Reading →

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