Abby’s Very Sweet Sixteen

Yesterday was my younger sister’s birthday, and like all other family birthdays I insisted on making her birthday cake. At this point, I skip the “do you want me to..” and get right to asking what flavor. She asked for vanilla cake and icing with cookie dough filling, which made me excited because it reminded me of my first big baking project, cookie dough cupcakes. Of course, since I was only 15, I had a lot of help from my mom. This time, I was all on my own, with some help from Pinterest. Here are the links to the recipes I used:

I followed this recipe to a tee- I wouldn’t mess with a cake recipe, especially on the first attempt.

Here’s my adjustment- I added an extra stick of butter, an extra half cup of dark brown sugar, a quarter cup of white sugar, a teaspoon of molasses (optional) , and cut the amount of flour in half. My first attempt at the cookie dough is featured in the circle in the middle.

I only did the part with the simple syrup.

For the icing, I tend to wing it. For this cake I used a stick and a half of butter, about a cup of powdered sugar, about half a cup of heavy cream, and about two teaspoons of vanilla extract*. I beat the butter, heavy cream, and half of the powdered sugar together using a stand mixer (or a handheld electric), then slowly add more sugar until it reaches the consistency you prefer, you can add even more if you’d like. Then add the vanilla and continue to mix. Whip the icing on the highest setting for a few minutes, the icing should be glossy and fluffy.

*Very good quality vanilla! I am very picky about vanilla; right now I’m using a Mexican vanilla extract that I found in a cute kitchen shop in Richmond. Another vanilla extract I’d recommend is Sonoma Syrup ‘Crushed’ vanilla (it has vanilla seeds in it). I could honestly write a whole post on vanilla alone!

So here’s how I put all that together:

I made the cake following the recipe in the link, then made the simple syrup and spread it on the cakes, and let them cool on a cooling rack.

I then made the cookie dough. I had a bit of trouble with the original recipe and had to dump the icing out into another bowl, beat extra butter and sugar together, and then slowly add the original dough back into the new mixture. Then I set that aside and made the icing.

To assemble all the components, I spread a thin amount of icing on the cake stand to fix the cake in place. I set the first layer down, spread a very thick layer of cookie dough, and set the second layer down. Then I spread a “crumb coat” of icing (that’s just a thin first layer so you don’t see cake crumbs), and put the cake in the fridge for a few minutes so it can set. After about 15-30 minutes I spread another thin layer of icing and then decorated the cake by scooping the cookie dough out with a cookie scoop and making a “16” using regular Ghirardelli dark chocolate.

I made the “16” by melting 1.5 oz of chocolate in the microwave, putting it in a Ziploc, cut the corner off, piped the “16” onto wax paper, and kept it in the fridge until it was time to put it on top of the cake.


The cake was a hit at her celebration! I joked that I would charge $100 for a cake and my sister said I could charge $100 for each slice. I guess that means this was a success!



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