Dad’s Cookies and *Chocolate* Crème Cake

16904936_1478874482123956_342407524065106282_oFinished cake in all of its glory.

16991955_1478874918790579_2110514626056484791_oOur puppy going for the cake. He has his priorities right.

16992453_1478874478790623_6587547751643022191_oI think the cake was a success!

16991759_1478874475457290_7021051317050640129_oDad gives the thumb of approval.

I made my dad a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cookies and crème filling for his birthday (way back in February actually, I just haven’t had time to post).

I made a basic, but super amazing, chocolate cake, that had coffee in it, but the real super-stars of this cake were the icing and filling.

Real Chocolate Icing (based on Comfortably Domestic’s recipe):

2 Hershey milk chocolate bars

1 Ghirardelli  semi-sweet chocolate baking bar

1 cup unsalted butter

2-ish cups powered sugar

Dash of *good* vanilla (I mean you could use bad vanilla but why?)

Sea Salt to taste

Directions- 1. Break up chocolate and melt, either in microwave (30 second intervals, mixing in between) or on a double boiler.

2. In separate bowl (stand mixer, if available) combine butter, vanilla, and powered sugar until fully mixed and fluffy. Make sure to add the powdered sugar in increments, and only make it as sweet as you want, use more or less than 2 cups of sugar, that’s just a starting point.

3. When chocolate is cooled, but still melty, slowly pour half in the icing mixture, mix, add the other half, and mix again. Add desired amount of salt. Be sure to scrape the sides and mix again. The texture should be fluffy and rich.

4. Resist the urge to eat it all with a spoon before you put it on the cake.


Cookies-and-Crème Filling:

2 rows of Oreos (or any other brand of chocolate sandwich cookie) *note: I used regular but I would suggest using double-stuffed*

1 (or 1 1/2) sticks of unsalted butter

Powered Sugar- added in small increments until you’ve reached your desired consistency

1 teaspoon *good* vanilla (I also used vanilla bean along with the extract, just because I had some on hand, completely optional. You could also add a little vanilla bean paste if you have some on hand. Otherwise, just plain vanilla extract will still be good!)

Sea Salt to taste

Directions- 1. Separate 2 rows of cookies from crème center, putting the crème in a bowl and the cookies back in the original container.

2. Put the crème in a bowl (standing mixer if available) with the butter and mix until smooth and fully combined. Then slowly mix the powered sugar, starting with a half cup and adding in quarter cup increments until at desired consistency. Scrape the sides and add vanilla and salt, mix again.

3. *Optional Step* crumble and add in 4-5 cookies into the filling to add texture.

5. Try not to eat with a spoon. You can do this!


To Assemble:

  1. Put a thin layer of icing on cake stand/plate, this will keep it from shifting or sliding.
  2. Place first layer of cake, centered on cake stand/plate, on top of the thin layer of icing.
  3. Make a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, heated until dissolved, you only need about 2/3 cup so use 1/3 of each) and drip on top of the first layer of cake, this will keep it moist
  4. Spread the cookies and crème filling on top of the first layer of cake. If you followed the recipe I linked at the beginning, there will only be 2 layers, so use the filling generously.
  5. Place the second cake layer on top of the filling, then drip the simple syrup on top of it.
  6. Cover the entire cake with the chocolate icing.
  7. Place in fridge until ready to decorate
  8. For my decorations, I crumbled up many of the cookies that I separated for the filling and spread them around the bottom edge and some on top. Then I melted dark and white chocolate and spread it on wax paper, added cookie crumbs, and froze it overnight. Right before we served the cake, I broke the chocolate and stuck the jagged pieces on top, along with some whole Oreos.




Comment below with any questions or comments! If you try your hand at making this, I’d love to know how it turned out!




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